GBK's 2018 Golden Globes Gift Lounge

I am very pleased to announce that Gypsy Grove will be represented at GBK's 2018 Celebrity Gift Lounge honoring the Golden Globes presenters and nominees!  Each attending celebrity, VIP, and select members of the press will be receiving a pair of my Byzantine Drop earrings in various shades of blue, pink, purple, and red.  My earrings are part of an incredible handcrafted gift bag curated by The Artisan Group.  To see the entire collection, click here.  


Gypsy Grove Brings Artisan Chainmaille Earrings to GBK's 2018 Golden Globes Luxury Celebrity Gift Lounge

Gypsy Grove will be gifting its Byzantine Drop earrings to attending celebrities at GBK's 2018 Golden Globes Gift Lounge, in association with The Artisan Group.


Haleyville, Alabama
December 29, 2017

Gypsy Grove is pleased to announce it will be represented at GBK's Celebrity Gift Lounge honoring the 2018 Golden Globes nominees and presenters, in association with The Artisan Group. The invitation-only luxury gift lounge will be hosted by GBK Productions on January 5-6, 2018 at an exclusive location in Beverly Hills, California. All attending celebrities, select press and media, and other VIPs will receive Gypsy Grove's Byzantine Drop earrings in their gift bags.

Meticulously handcrafted, one ring at a time, the gifted Byzantine Drop earrings were chosen for their simple, yet elegant, design. The earrings feature delicate Byzantine micro chainmaille and sparkling Swarovski crystals in various shades of blue, purple, pink, and red. Artisan and sole-proprietor, Laurie Martin-Gardner, stated, "I chose this design for its versatility. While simple enough to be worn everyday, these earrings are easily dressed up for any occasion. Their feather light construction from high quality aluminum means they are easy to wear all day and into the night."

Gypsy Grove was founded in 2011 and is located in Haleyville, Alabama. Featuring a signature mix of classic simplicity and fantasy extravagance, Gypsy Grove has attracted clients from all over the world. Handcrafted jewelry from Gypsy Grove has been gifted to members of the press and attending celebrities at previous gift lounges honoring the MTV Movie Awards and the Primetime Emmys. Jewelry crafted in the Grove is also under consideration to appear on several hit television series and was presented as gifts for award-winning Korean pop bands during their respective US tours.

Gypsy Grove is a proud member of The Artisan Group, a premier entertainment marketing group dedicated to representing small business artisans at the finest celebrity gift lounges and press events. Membership in the arts promotion organization is by invitation only.

To learn more about Gypsy Grove, contact Laurie Martin-Gardner by email at Become a fan on Facebook (GypsyGrove), follow on Twitter (@GypsyGrove), and Instagram (gypsy_grove). Shop Gypsy Grove on Etsy at and visit for news and additional information.

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