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Fluorite is found in a myriad of colors.  Because of this, folklore holds that fluorite is the home of the rainbow. Cultures all around the world have taken advantage of the beauty and softness of fluorite.  Ancient Egyptians often carved scarabs and deity statues from fluorite.  The Chinese have been sculpting beautiful vessels form fluorite for over three centuries.  It has even been found in a burial pit in Illinois that dates back to the Mississippi Moundbuilders era.  Romans believed that, much like amethyst, a drinking vessel made from fluorite prevented drunkenness.  Pliny the Elder, a historian and scholar in ancient Rome, was enthralled with the stone and vases crafted from it.  He named fluorite his "most precious substance".

Fluorite, once referred to as fluorspar, is said to be the most colorful mineral in the world.  It comes in a wide variety of colors -- clear, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, brown, gray, and black.  Different colors are often found growing together, and striped or multicolored fluorite is common.

The name fluorite comes from the Latin word fluere, meaning "to flow".  Fluorite melts easily and is used as flux in the smelting process of steel, lead, and aluminum.  It is also used as an alternative to glass in telescopes and cameras.  The word fluorescent is derived from the name fluorite, as fluorite was one of the first known substances that fluoresced under UV light.  Fluorite will typically fluoresce blue, but may also glow yellow, green, red, white, or purple.  Some types of fluorite will glow when heated, and color changing fluorites have recently been discovered.


Zodiac:  Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio
For the Aquarian, fluorite boosts understanding and comprehension of truth and cosmic ideals. Pisceans receive an enlarged understanding and grasp of complex truths with the help of fluorite.  It can also help Pisceans to gain an overview of a difficult situation. For Scorpios, fluorite promotes intellectual development while promoting harmony between positive and negative aspects of life. Scorpios will also find that fluorite boosts good will and endurace while keeping the ego in check.

Chakra:  Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Because fluorite is found in a variety of colors, fluorite can be used on any chakra based on the color of the stone.  Fluorite is especially useful for the throat, third eye, and crown chakras.  Blue fluorite at the throat chakra promotes clear and concise communication.  It assists with mental clarity and the organization of thoughts that are essential for mastering communication skills.  Violet fluorite placed on the third eye will awaken the chakra, and clear fluorite on the crown chakra removes blocks holding back spiritual development.

Healing Properties

Placing a fluorite stone on the affected area will gradually remove pain associated with injury or illness.  Fluorite is great for joint pain and stiffness and is especially useful for arthritis sufferers.

Respiratory Problems
Green fluorite is particularly effective in the treatment of asthma and other breathing issues.  It promotes regeneration of lung tissue, and used in combination with blue fluorite, prevents the common cold.

Kidney and Spleen Issues
In the 18th century, a mixture of water and fluorite was often used to alleviate issues that related to kidney disease.  Today, yellow fluorite is believed to assist in healing the kidneys and spleen.


Stone of Grounding and Harmonizing
Those who deal with excessive amounts of physical or mental energy may find that green fluorite is useful in grounding and centering.  It is a great help to those who suffer from anxiety as well.  Fluorite helps bring chaos to order, balancing and harmonizing both the body and the environment.

Stone of the Mind
Fluorite is an excellent stone for a boost of intellectual power.  Fluorite aids in concentration and assists in making good decisions. Yellow fluorite also provides extra creative energy as well.

Stone of the Spirit
Fluorite awakens the higher chakras, aiding spiritual development.  It can open the mind to new awareness, enhance intuition, and reveal truths behind illusions.  It is particularly useful during meditation and creates a feeling of peace and harmony while opening the person up to the divine.

Stone of Protection and Cleansing
Fluorite reduces electromagnetic energy.  A large piece of fluorite placed near a computer will help to eliminate the fatigue and eye strain associated with prolonged computer use.  Fluorite also cleanses the energy of an area and of other gemstones. Fluorite protects against psychic manipulation and negative thoughts.
Fluorite Flower Necklace by Gypsy Grove

Other Attributes Associated with Fluorite
Removes energy blockages
Helps skin disease
Combats infection
Preserves or repairs DNA and RNA damage
Cleanses the aura
Enhances properties of other stones

Physical Properties

Fluorite can be found in a rainbow of colors: purple, green, blue, violet, yellow, orange, gray, black, clear, brown, pink, and red.  It can be banded or multicolored.

Fluorite is found throughout the world including the US, Canada, England, Argentina, China, Pakistan, and Germany.

Hardness Rating

Care of Fluorite

Fluorite is an extremely soft stone and is easily scratched.  Only gentle soaps and soft brushes should be used.  Avoid chemicals, and ultrasonic and steam cleaners.  Store fluorite pieces away from other jewelry that might scratch the surface of the stones.

This post is for informative purposes only.  No claims are made about the safety or effectiveness of the information contained in this article.  All information is pulled from myth, legend, folklore, etc.  In no way is this article an attempt at medical advice.  Always seek a professional opinion when dealing with a physical or mental issue.

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